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Welcome to C Seaglass…

Hi, my name is Caroline   and I hope you enjoy my musings about the problems and consequences of marine litter on sea mammals, sea birds and other wildlife. Even us humans! I am very concerned with the amount of plastics entering our oceans so I decided to do something to help.

It is an issue which none of can ignore anymore, and I have adapted my own lifestyle to try and be as "zero waste", eco friendly and plastic free (not always easy!)  as I can for a sustainable world.

Also on this site , I talk about the items I make from sea glass, sea pottery and driftwood which I find mostly when I am doing litter picking on  beach clean ups, usually for The Marine Conservation Society.

I have a slight obsession with sea glass, ever since I first discovered it walking along the shoreline in eastern Scotland.

Each piece of sea glass is unique, having been tumbled and bashed against rocks in our oceans for many years, rendering it smooth and often with a frosted appearance.

My work is recycling at it's best as sea glass was originally old bottles and jars tossed in to the ocean as rubbish.  I really enjoy recycling and repurposing these colourful gems into something beautiful for you to enjoy.