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My interest in sea glass began during a recent visit to Pittenweem harbour in the east neuk of Fife,  Scotland. We arrived during the  "beast from the east" storm,  throwing the waves about 30feet over the harbour wall.

Anstruther harbour March 2018

However a few days later, when all was calm, I walked along the shoreline and  little shiny nuggets of glass (which had been washed up by the storm) were catching my eye. I started to collect them in my pockets, thinking I could do something with them at a later date. I noticed that if I dug a little deeper down the sand, the glass nuggets were much smoother, rounder and tinier. (or more 'wee' as they say in Scotland!) Ideal for making into little stud earrings, like these little beauties!

"Wee" sea glass nuggets I turned into earrings.

I have always enjoyed bringing new life into old, discarded items (I loved repainting unloved furniture, my home is full of it) so these little glass gems started some new creative juices flowing!

So when I returned home, I began to experiment making earrings, pendants and sun catchers, incorporating a few pieces of lovely weathered driftwood and rope to continue the nautical theme. What do you think?

Actually a gorgeous blue sea pebble with a little gem of bright blue sea glass.
Sun catcher using driftwood and various coloured sea glass on nylon thread.